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SmartDreamers Social is a feature designed for online content curation on the following recruitment marketing channels, which could be connected through the tool:

  • Facebook;

  • Twitter;

  • LinkedIn.

Social can be accessed directly through the top bar in the platform. 

The type of content you can manage includes both organic and paid posts.

🚀 Actions allowed through this feature:

  • Create a new post (publish, schedule or draft);

  • Boost created posts;

  • Manage comments both for organic and paid posts (ads);

  • Connect multiple accounts for each of the three channels. 

👉🏻 Creating a Post 

The post creating editor allows you to either Publish directly, or to Save as Draft

Content created will appear in the Social Dashboard, depending on whether it's published, drafted, or scheduled (as could be seen in the print screen above). 

Note: The drop down list for selecting the account in the post creating editor will be empty before any of the channels have been connected. 

The Schedule functionality will be available once you have already connected an account on either of the three channels. For more information, please check the articles dedicated to posting on each of the channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).  

👉🏻 Connecting your Account 

To connect your account, you will have to go to Settings in the Social toolbar and click on Connect Account

Each channel will lead to their specific connection window, where you will have to input the user/email and password associated. 

Once the accounts are connected, you can always remove them from the Settings tab, and choose which channels/ accounts will be displayed on your Social Dashboard (as could be seen below). 

For more information on how to post on each channel, please check the relevant articles in the Social Collection.

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