After connecting your LinkedIn Page through the Social Feature, you will be all set to start posting new content. 

You can connect multiple LinkedIn pages. To see all the connections made, go to Settings

To remove an account, simply click on Remove Account.

Creating a New Post 

First step when creating a new post is selecting the desired LinkedIn Account from the drop down list, as could be seen below. 

After choosing the account, the editor displays the specific options available for posting, displayed through the Page you have connected. 

The editing principle used is similar to that of the AdBuilder, with the content/visuals on the left hand-side and the live preview on the right side. 


The description box allows you to input your text/content and to select the image you would like to upload. 

Any content or visuals you input here will be seen on the right side in the following preview. 

When connecting your LinkedIn Page into Social, the Name and Logo will be automatically displayed both in the preview section, and when actually publishing the content on your Feed.

The text that will be written in the Description Box will be automatically displayed in the Preview Section in the Default Message field. 

All images uploaded need to be either .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG, with a maximum size of 5Mb. 

Next options of editing are as follows:

  • Visibility - post will always be publicly available;
  • Post Date - you could either decide to Post Now (from the dropdown lost) or to Schedule; this in turn will allow users to a Date and Time for when their posts will be published. 

Publishing your Post

After you finish editing your Facebook Page post, you could decide to Publish directly, or to Save as Draft

Depending on what you have chose, the posts will appear on the Social Dashboard under their allotted category.
Process could then be repeated from the same editor by choosing to Create a new post

Note: You could always choose a different account page or channel for your next content. 

Likes and Comments on LinkedIn Posts 

Each post will have its own set of Likes and Comments displayed, where applicable. 

By clicking on the Comments button, all available comments for the respective post will be displayed. 

The LinkedIn users who have commented will have their identity hidden, according to the LinkedIn API Specifications. 

Users could always delete the comments, as could be seen below: 

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