Admin and publisher users now have access to the recommended channels feature within the Campaign Builder.

The algorithm behind this new release is meant to help users by suggesting the optimum channels that will improve and ensure the success of your campaign performance, by providing the best-suited platforms.

The provided suggestions will take into consideration the channel-specific requirements and its specific audience, compared with the targeting criteria selected in the campaign builder.

The rendered channels will be displayed in the Ad Set step, above the full listing with all the integrated platforms available for selection. Users can choose advertisers from both listings.

🚀 Recommendation Algorithm

The recommendation algorithm will provide a maximum of five suggested channels based on the Location, Seniority, and Domain selected when building the campaign audience.

For the algorithm to work, users will have to choose at least one Seniority or Domain, along with the location/s.

🚀 Recommendation Criteria

The introduced criteria, along with the already available Location, that form the basis of the recommendation algorithm are:

🔹 Seniority

The available parameters for Seniority are:

  • Entry;
  • Midlevel;
  • Manager/ Executive.

🔹 Domains

The available parameters for Domains are:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources;
  • Architecture and Construction;
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology;
  • Business, Management, and Finance;
  • Education and Training;
  • Health Care and Beauty;
  • Hospitality and Front Line Services;
  • Manufacturing and Engineering;
  • Marketing, Sales and Office Customer Services;
  • Science, Technology, and Mathematics;
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics.

💡 Note: users can choose one seniority/ domain per session.

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