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πŸŽ‰ Launching the new Pages Module
πŸŽ‰ Launching the new Pages Module

New features and optimizations

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The latest SmartDreamers release introduces a much-improved UX design within the Landing Pages module, offering users the possibility to build beautiful and diverse pages either starting from blank, or by using an extensive list of predefined templates.

πŸš€ Key elements introduced:

  • Ability to choose from our intuitive list of templates, designed to cater to the following main categories: Landing Page and Career Page (more categories to be added soon) - fully customize the design to fit your brand style and talent acquisition needs;

  • Clone options - create duplicates of your pages for similar campaigns with different elements (location, language, visuals) or A/B testing your pages;

  • A/ B Testing - compare variations of the same landing page; the traffic generated from ads that lead to the main landing page will be equally split between these two variations;

  • Continuously optimize your landing page design and content by having all created landing pages listed in the Advertising Module, along with their most relevant performance metrics (including the number of applications started, successful applications and bounce rate);

  • Open, Close, Share, Unpublish, Run A/ B Test, or simply Delete directly from within the Landing Pages listing, under the Landing Pages Module.

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