All users can access and view the Campaign Details by going to the Campaigns listing under the Advertising module and clicking on the View button, as could be seen below: 

💡Note: This button is hidden and will only be exposed after hovering over the respective campaign. Same goes for the Edit/ Copy/ Delete/ Close buttons. 

The campaign details available through the View option are as follow:

  • Campaign Preview;
  • Comments;
  • Campaign History. 

👉🏻 Campaign Preview 

The Campaign tab offers users a full preview of their campaign, starting with the general information input in the Ad Builder's first stage (Campaign Details), and then offering a preview of each channel used.

When choosing to Edit, depending on the campaign's status, you will get the following: 

  • for campaigns with a Closed or Draft status, the Ad Builder itself will be opened;
  • for campaigns in any other status, users will be able to edit their campaigns directly through the pop-up window, without opening the Ad Builder: this includes the general campaign details, along with each channel in the composition.

💡Note: You could add new channels though the Edit Campaign option only for campaigns with the Draft status. 

Users will be able to edit both the general campaign details, as well as deep dive and edit the targeting parameters and content in each channel included in their campaign.

After finishing with your edits, simply click on Save Changes and your campaign will be updated.

👉🏻 Comments

The Comments tab showcases all the conversations that have taken place on each campaign. 

When submitting a campaign for Internal Review, the reviewer will be able to offer feedback directly on the campaign details, by simply leaving a comment.

Logged in users will be able to reply or leave their comments, displayed in real time. The reviewer or the user who has submitted the campaign for review will get a notification every time a new comment has been added.

💡Note: These notifications will be received via email, and will also be present in the notifications section in the platform (top bar, under the Bell Icon). 

Each comment line will display the user's name, icon and number of days since the comment has been posted. If these conversations spam across several days, a time stamp for each day will separate every session. 

Once submitting a comment, this could only be removed by the admin. 

👉🏻 Campaign History

The History tab allows users to understand the impact of the changes (status, content, targeting, etc.) made over the campaign's and/or the ads' lifetime. 

All entries here are listed in chronological order, descending, and contain information related to the date and time, as well as the user who has initiated the change.  

Changes made automatically by the system, will display the SmartDreamers platform's icon. 

All relevant campaign actions that will be recorded are related to the following events:

  • creation; 
  • publishing;
  • submitted for review;
  • approved by advertiser (when set to active);
  • closure;
  • changes requested (this will display the user and the changes requested);
  • approved by;
  • any changes made to the ads within the campaign;
  • any changes made to the campaign's running dates. 
  • changes made to the ads' status (when set to active, closed, disapproved, paused).

💡Note: History events related to changes made to the campaign and/or ads contained will only be generated after the campaign was submitted for review or published

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