Organic posts can be boosted directly through the Social Feature, as many times as deemed necessary by users. 

Boost Post vs. Creating an Ad 

Boosted posts are not as complex as Facebook ads in terms of targeting and do not allow for editing the post content itself, both visual and text.

Unlike an ad, a boosted post is simply a regular Facebook post that you pay to reach a wider audience, not just the audience of your Facebook page.

Note: You cannot boost an ad, only organic posts created through SmartDreamers Social or directly in the Facebook Page.

Boost Post Editor and Structure

Each post has its own set of metrics displayed, tied directly to the boost performance. 

Boost metrics displayed:

  • People Reached: the number of unique users who have seen the boosted post;
  • Landing Page Views: the number of clicks on the CTA button in the boosted post. 

Note: When boosting a post multiple times, the two metrics presented above will appear listed under the post itself, together with the date of the corresponding boost.

Actions available through the boost post editor

  • Adding a Call to Action button to your post; 
  • The URL destination needed for the Call to Action button; 
  • Location (only cities are permitted, as opposed to the AdBuilder where the location settings are more advanced);
  • Age (between the 16 - 65 interval);
  • Detailed targeting (Demographics, Interests and Behaviors);
  • Languages;
  • Exclude audience (Demographics, Interests and Behaviors);
  • Run promotion on Facebook Messenger (toggle on/off button);
  • Budget (set by default to 20 EUR, could be edited as desired);
  • Reach estimated depending on targeting parameters and budget. 

Likes and Comments on Boosted Posts 

Each post will have its own set of Likes, Comments and Shares displayed, where applicable. 

By clicking on the Comments button, all available comments for the respective post will be displayed. 

Actions possible for each comment posted by Facebook users to your boosted posts: 

  • like;
  • reply;
  • delete.

Note: The Facebook users who have commented will have their identity hidden, according to the Facebook API Specifications. This means that you will not be able to tag a user when replying to their comment.

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