The final step within the Ad Builder allows users to:

  • Save as draft;
  • Share for approval - allows for admin or team manager to have control over the visuals and message contained within the campaigns;
  • Publish. 

Share for Approval 

This option is available on request, when the initial company project setup is made and is only applicable for Publisher type users. If not currently available, please contact your Customer Success Manager

Publisher type users cannot publish a campaign unless it is approved by an Admin. After the campaign has been approved, the publisher can then change and publish without asking for additional approval. 

When selecting Share for Review, publishers will have to choose from a listing with all the admins in the company account. 

Once an admin has been elected, the user will receive an email informing him that a request for approval is pending. 

After a campaign has been shared for review, the status within the platform would be automatically set to In Review (Internal).

Approval Flow 

Admin users will receive an email with the campaign link that opens a Campaign View popup where they can:

  • View the Campaign Visuals and Content;
  • Approve the campaign (submit feedback and approve campaign launch);
  • Request changes (submit feedback that must be addressed before going live).

Once hitting Submit Review, the Publisher will be notified both in-app (top bar in the platform - Notification Bell) and via email with the comment and resolution. 


Generally, only admin users could Publish a campaign directly. 

💡Note: If you would like to change the permissions per user type, or include the Share for Approval option, please contact your Customer Success Manager.💡

When choosing to submit/ publish your ads directly, there will always be a 48 hour interval until the campaign will be activated on all channels. This depends on each publisher and the timeframe allocated for approving your ads.  

The status assigned after publishing, within the 48 hours, would be automatically set to In Review (Advertiser).

👉🏻 For more information on the Campaigns/ Ads status definition, please read this article.👈🏻

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