The Ad Set contains a list with all the available channels that could be selected as part of the campaign, either to advertise an open position or an event. 

The Search bar above the listing provides a shortcut when searching for a specific channels, instead of browsing through the whole listing. 

For each channel, users could choose between:

  • Directly accessing the Editing Interface specific to each advertiser by clicking on the channel in the listing;
  • Viewing the channel details.

A campaign could have as many channels assigned as desired. 

View Channel Details 

Details available per channel include:

  • short description explaining the demographics most susceptible to advertising on this platform;
  • historical data related to channel usage;
  • bidimensional graph showcasing the total budget amount invested vs. the total number of clicks and/or views relevant to the selected channel. 

💡Note: Users can also chose the time frame desired for the information showcased in the graph.💡

This section has been designed to help users decide between the multiple channels on offer, to maximize the campaign's performance and impact. 

If the past performance and description subscribes to the needed criteria, users can then Select Platform. This will open the Editing Interface relevant to the advertiser in question. 

Editing Interface Structure 

All channels have a similar structure, which includes:

  • Ad Title;
  • Audience;
  • Suggested Budget;
  • Visual and Content. 

Ad Title

Assign a specific title for your ad.


The audience section imports the general targeting parameters set in the second step. 

Users can always choose between saving the specific audience for this channel (once saved, it will be available to import in the saved audience listing) or importing another saved audience. 

Detailed targeting will be available at this stage and is specific to each advertising channel. 

👉🏻 For more information on the channel specific targeting, please check the articles assigned. 👈🏻

Suggested Budget 

This section will display the available budget (this is the same amount that could be seen on the Dashboard page). 

Depending on the targeting parameters chosen and the run time (stars/ ends dates), the platform would offer a suggested budget amount, along with the estimated reach.

Users could always modify the suggested sum, depending on the available budget and strategy chosen. 

Visual and Content 

Visual and content will subscribe to the specific requirements of each advertising platform. 

👉🏻 For more information, please check the articles created for each channel. 👈🏻 

By hitting Continue after finishing editing a channel, users are rewarded with a preview of how their ad would look, in the specific format chosen for the advertiser (ie. for Instagram it could be either Stories or Feed, for other platforms Mobile vs. Desktop, etc.) 

Alternatively, the Ad Set/ Campaign could be Saved as Draft.

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