After completing the first step regarding the Campaign Details, users will have to define the targeting parameters in the Audience section. 

All the targeting parameters here are universal and will be automatically applied to the channels selected in the Ad Set

💡Note: You can always edit/tweak these parameters per channel.💡

Saved Audience 

If an audience is created from scratch, users could always choose to Save the Audience. You will be able to find all saved audiences from within this window under the General Audience field. 

All saved audiences, including the ones saved specifically for each advertiser (for more information check the Ad Set article), will be listed in the Import saved audience listing. This functionality would overwrite whatever was already input before hitting import. 

Selecting an audience specific to a channel will display all the saved audiences for this instance (as could be seen below): 


The location field allows users to input:

  • cities (this option allows for choosing a range between 0 and 50 miles); 
  • counties;
  • countries.

💡Note: Users can always choose to hide the map functionality.💡 

💡Note: By choosing "Current city only", the radius will be set by default to 0 miles💡


The limits for the age targeting group range between 16 and 65 years of age. 


Users could choose a language from the drop down list provided.

Campaign Length

Campaigns will be live on the chosen advertisers while subscribing in the given run time (start/ end date). 

When reaching the deadline, they will be automatically closed. 

💡Note: If the underlying project is closed (either directly in the ATS if we are talking about an API integration or directly from the SmartDreamers platform if the project was created manually), then all the assigned campaigns/ ads will also be closed.💡 

After completing all the steps presented above, users could hit Continue to advance to the Ad Set menu, or Save as draft

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