The SmartDreamers Help Center is organized under eight Collections, each with several articles assigned. 

Note: Using the Search Bar at the top of the page provides a faster alternative to browsing through each collection, helping users with a targeted approach to finding the desired information.

On boarding - Getting Started 

  • This first collection serves as an introduction into the SmartDreamers world for all new users, in terms of what the product is, what its main features are, and the important learning tools developed for our user base (SD Academy & Help Center); 
  • Help Center - articles describing the importance and structure of this project;
  • Must read for all new users when first accessing the platform - user/ team setup.

Dashboard and Settings 

  • The SmartDreamers Dashboard is the default landing page for all users logging in and is designed to offer a bird's eye view of all the latest updates in the platform, relevant to the team the users are part of;
  • Articles describing all features available through the Dashboard;
  • User settings & structure.



Landing Pages

  • How to create your own Landing Pages for the campaigns launched;
  • Articles explaining the difference between creating a Landing Page to advertise a general event (ie. Hackathons, Internship Programs etc.) or an open position event (creating a career or job description page).


SmartDreamers Automation

  • Explaining how the SmartDreamers Automation module is here to help to automate any platform or social media channel wanted, in any geography, so that users could have more time for the creative stuff;
  • Articles explaining the concept and workflows of robotic process automation.

Applicant Tracking System - API Integration

  • General scenarios and benefits - explaining what a ATS Integration is and how it works;
  • Articles showcasing the integration with the Applicant Tracking Systems in our portfolio (SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone etc.)

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