What is the SmartDreamers Help Center?

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The SmartDreamers Help Center is an all-in-one article/ knowledge base and customer portal where clients can find the needed answers about our product. 

What we hope to accomplish 

Our aim is to create a DIY approach, providing all the relevant information through a proactive support tool that allows clients to learn about and better understand the platform, through the use of technical documentation and intuitive walkthrough tours of our main features


The articles within are structured under Collections and are designed to provide a valuable on-boarding experience, allowing users to help themselves when lack of knowledge is involved, pointing them in the right direction.

Using the Search Bar at the top of the page provides a faster alternative to browsing through each collection, offering users with a targeted approach to finding the desired information.

For more information on the Help Center setup, please read this article

What is a Collection?

A collection is a warehouse where articles are organized depending on their topic.
This makes browsing our Help Center easier for users and helps in creating an intuitive and comprehensive structure, with each topic being assigned to a main feature in the platform. 

Each collection has its own short description, that would provide users with context and information when perusing our Help Center. 

What is an Article?

An article is designed to provide insight and sequential help when using a SmartDreamers feature, with product print screens for better clarification. 

Articles are linked whenever touching on common themes, in order to provide the whole picture and provide better understanding. 

Note: Each article offers users the possibility to provide feedback. This is very valuable for our Product Team since it helps us understand what our users need. 

🎉 Go wild! 🎉

With the SmartDreamers Help Center, our goal is to turn novices to our platform into expert users and provide a balanced customer support experience. 

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