The SmartDreamers Dashboard is the default landing page for all users and is designed to offer a bird's eye view of all the latest campaign updates in the platform, as well as budget and historical performance metrics.

🚀 Pro tip: users can always access or return to the Dashboard or Account Home Page, by clicking on the SmartDreamers icon on the top left corner.

The information offered here is structured under the following categories: 

  • Budget and performance metrics;

  • Activity feed with campaign updates.

🔹 Budget and Performance Metrics

All elements presented in the metrics dashboard can be filtered through the time selector for the following intervals:

  • last day;

  • last week;

  • last month;

  • last three months;

  • all time.

The time slot chosen will influence both the actual numbers, as well as the trend lines in the evolution charts.

💡 Note: the default time slot when opening the dashboard landing page is set to last month.

The metrics presented in this section are:

  • Available budget;

  • Number of active ads - total number of active ads in the selected period;

  • Views - total number of ad views in the selected period;

  • Clicks - total number of clicks in the selected period;

  • Applies or Custom Conversions - total number of applications or custom conversions registered in the selected period.

💡 Note: the available budget will always display the exact amount left in the account's electronic wallet.

Users can always choose what metric sets to display by clicking on the three-dotted button on the top right corner.

Show Charts

Each metric presented in this section has its allocated evolution chart, designed to offer better understanding and clarity on the general evolution of the main campaign performance indicators.

🚀 Pro tip: by hovering over the evolution chart a tool tip showcasing the daily results will be enabled.

The chart displayed for the number of active ads is designed to illustrate the amount of time each ad was active within the time grid.

💡 Note: the blue line marks the present day within the selected time period.

Users can scroll through the ad listing on the left to browse through the complete ad set launched within the selected time period.

🔹 Activity Feed

The activity feed is a listing where users can track information related to the:

  • campaign started (campaign name & number of days since start date);

  • campaign ended (campaign name & number of days since end date);

  • campaign was dissproved (campaign name & number of days since the campaign was disapproved).

By clicking on the campaigns listed, users will be redirected to the Campaigns Tab in the Advertising module.

For more information on how to build your first campaign, please read this article, as well as browse through the Advertising Section.

To browse through the complete listing, users can choose the number of ad activities displayed in the feed, as well as move between pages.

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