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Listing and description of all channels already embedded in the SmartDreamers Ad Builder

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There are three main categories when it comes to the channels we have listed in our product:

  • Channels integrated via APIs (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, StackOverflow, etc.)

  • Non API channels already available in the SmartDreamers Network (eg. Reddit, GitHub, WeChat, Line, Amazon, etc.);

  • Channels that could be integrated via Robotic Process Automation (sky's the limit - both from our list and on-demand). 

The channels in our Ad Builder are as follows: 

Note: we are continuously working on expanding this listing; if your channel of choice is not available (yet), please contact your Customer Success Manager and we will look into adding your request.


With around 2.2 billion monthly users and more than two billion people active on the platform each day, Facebook is the perfect place for all recruitment marketing actions—helping your employer brand reach both blue and white-collar workers, at entry-level and senior positions alike.
Geography: Not available in China, North Korea, and Iran; unpopular in Russia and Russian-speaking countries.


Cool, lively, and personal, Instagram is an ideal venue for creative employer brand content. The site's 400+ million daily active users mean that you can reach a wide audience, especially for candidates 35 and under, with high engagement rates. Geography: Not available in China, North Korea, and Iran; unpopular in Russia and Russian-speaking countries (same as Facebook).

Google Ads

More than 90% of the world population uses Google—best suited for general brand awareness.
Geography: All over the world; banned in China.


Youtube is the biggest video platform on earth with over 2 billion monthly users. Youtube is appropriate for brand awareness and white-collar entry-middle positions. Geography: All over the world; banned in China (same as Google).


With 10 billion videos every day, Snapchat is a great place for entry-level and internship opportunities. Keep your demographics under 35 and make sure you choose video.
Geography: US, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia, India, and Mexico. 


With 300 million users worldwide and strong user bases in the US, Twitter is a suitable venue for recruiting white-collar positions, from entry-level jobs to senior positions.
Geography: US, Japan, UK, and Saudi Arabia.


With a heavy focus on career development and networking, LinkedIn offers plentiful options for employer branding and promoting your company's EVP, and advertising jobs of all kinds—thanks in large part to its robust targeting options.
Geography: US, India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, and all across Europe.


Quora is a question and answers website boasting 300 million monthly users and more than 400k topics. Choose it for white-collar and niche positions as well as brand awareness, taking advantage of targeting based on specific topics and questions discussed.
Geography: US, India, UK, Canada, and Japan.


Worldwide platform suitable for both general brand awareness and advertising job opportunities campaigns.
Geography: Worldwide, best suited for the US and Japan. 


Reddit is a niche social network, with a twist—it's actually hundreds of niche communities all in one place. Suitable for all entry, middle, and senior tech positions. Geography: US is top, then UK, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe.


GitHub is a development platform dedicated to developers worldwide. Perfect medium for recruiting developer positions for all the seniority levels needed.  
Geography: Worldwide. 

Stack Overflow

Platform dedicated to tech & development. Companies have the opportunity to build their employer brand through profile pages on the site and promote an allocated number of open positions depending on the chosen subscription.
Geography: Worldwide. 


With over 250 million unique visitors every month, the Indeed platform works like a search engine that helps job seekers find open roles in the industry and location of their liking. Employers can post and advertise jobs directly, reaching niche markets, such as technology-focused candidates. The platform is also suitable for part-time, contract-based or summer jobs.

Geography: Worldwide, best suited for the U.S.


WeChat is a closed social communication platform with over a billion active monthly users. It is the single largest social media platform in China. Key features include Instant Messaging, Official Accounts, Moments (equivalent to Facebook Timeline and Feed), WeChat Payment, and Public City Services (including utility bill payment and taxi-hailing services).
Geography: China, India, Bhutan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and numerous other countries in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.


Line is a Japanese social media app that combines instant messaging, image/video sharing, and free VoIP voice calls and video conferences.
Geography: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkmenistan.


Design platform dedicated to creative professionals such as illustrators, web designers, graphic designers, and icon artists.
Geography: Worldwide.  


The leading online design platform to showcase & discover creative work and creative professionals.
Geography: Banned in India.

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