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SmartDreamers Automation - RPA Technology
SmartDreamers Automation - RPA Technology

Understanding the concept and workflows of robotic process automation

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Introduction & Concept Workflow

The SmartDreamers Automation Module is meant to streamline your Talent Acquisition process and funnel, while substantially reducing costs. 

What this translates into is that, through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), SmartDreamers can help by automating mundane and repetitive operations, thus enabling Talent Acquisition experts to dedicate more time and energy to create higher-value work by engaging in creative, human-centric tasks and projects. 

Our RPA scenarios are designed to automate the following use cases:

  • Job distribution;

  • Data collection;

  • Profile/ Candidate import.

What would qualify as an RPA scenario? 

Basically any flow or action made by an actual user could be replicated by a programmed robot sequence.

Using the SmartDreamers Automation module, our users could automatically configure our software, or a “robot,” to capture and interpret various workflows or steps from distributing open positions on various job boards and collecting all the relevant data and metrics generated by user engagement, to importing all the profiles and CVs that have applied to the respective jobs. 

If an Applicant Tracking System API integration is also in place, all users would need to do is ensure the relevant positions are set to Open or Active within the ATS, and then simply let SmartDreamers work its magic: automatically import all open positions into SmartDreamers and then, through the configured SmartDreamers Robots, distribute the positions on job boards and have all applicants imported directly into your ATS, thus closing the loop.

For more information on ATS API integration, please read the following article.

To better understand the SmartDreamers Automation flow, have a look at the diagram below:

Benefits - how do the SmartDreamers Robots help? 

Tapping into the SmartDreamers Automation module and implementing the SD Robots help with the following: 

  • importing all metrics, from all sources, into your SmartDreamers Account, under the Reporting module;

  • reducing human error;

  • reducing costs by adding staffing capacity (ie. by deploying 5 bots to automate the job distribution and profile importing for 5 major job boards, you would be adding capacity equivalent to hiring 5 times more full time employees at 50% of the cost of recruiting more staff); 

  • no custom software is needed, since all the process is built and handled through the SmartDreamers platform;

  • positive business impact and competitive edge;

  • project management can be easily handled through the SmartDreamers platform, or fully managed by our team (depending on the type of subscription).

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