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Description of the main features on the SmartDreamers Platform

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The features offered through the SmartDreamers platform are organized under four main pillars: Attract, Engage, Convert and Measure.

👉 Attract

Comprehensive tool that allows for simultaneously creating and launching ads on 17+ social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit etc.) and other niche platforms (StackOverflow, Github, Dribbble, Behance).
Fully automated editing and targeting process, each channel being integrated via API or Robotic Process Automation. These options allow for real time editing and previewing of content and visuals, as well as fine tuning your candidate persona through elements specific to each channel.

The SmartDreamers Remarketing feature allows users to create audiences and launch campaigns specifically targeted to candidates who have previously visited and interacted with the company's website. 

This feature is especially relevant when trying to increase conversion by going after the visitors that, for whatever reason, got away and did not convert or engage on the career page. 

Organize your visual content (images & videos) to help streamline your ad creation and editing process through the Ad Builder, by resizing and cropping according to channel specifications.  
All files would be available through the platform, with customized user access depending on assigned permissions. 

👉 Engage

Manage all your company's social media activity in one cool new feature, in terms of both paid and organic content curation: posting, likes and comments, on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Connect multiple pages and accounts under one umbrella to get a full overview of your online presence and impact.

👉 Nurture

The latest SmartDreamers release introduces the Leads feature — a unique data-driven approach to nurturing candidates using advanced email and text messaging functionalities.

SmartDreamers Leads is designed to help you send personalized communications to candidates based on their digital behavior. It provides an optimal framework to send them the right message, at the right time, fulfilling the goals of your nurture strategy faster and more effectively.

👉 Convert 

Drive candidates into a smart recruitment funnel to increase conversion rates with up to 70%. Tailor-made micro sites designed to sell your employer brand, boost candidate experience and convert potential candidates into new top hires through unique customizable settings, including fonts, colors and page and application form configurations.
Types of pages available: 

  • General LP - Promote an event or a general topic (ie. Hackathons for IT & Development, internship opportunities, academy etc.)

  • Job Listing LP - Automatically import the desired open positions you want listed and promoted in your newly created career page with our customized job widget. 

  • Job Description LP - Individual landing pages hosting the job descriptions with a fully customizable application form designed to help increase candidate conversion. 

👉 Automate

With the SmartDreamers Robotic Automation Module, you can automate any applicant tracking system, platform or social media channel you want, in any geography, so that you and your team have more time for the creative stuff.

Our Robotic Automation solution covers 3 main processes:

  • Automation for job distribution;

  • Automation for data collection;

  • Automation for profile importing.

👉 Measure

Track and improve your recruitment efforts through our integrated advanced analytics, combining advertiser specific metrics available only for Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn Ads and Reddit.
The tracking setup requires the implementation of conversion tracking codes on the designated website, easily installed with the help of a Google Tag Manager (free tool that allows marketers and webmasters deploy and manage website tag all in one place).
Real time data helping you to optimize and make informed, fast decisions to drive your future strategy by importing all relevant campaign metrics available through our API integrations, such as clicks, click through rate, ad spent, cost per 1000 impressions, cost per click etc.
Relevant conversion metrics, specific to ad platforms and the installation of the Google Tag Manager, include click or view attribution, essential parameters when promoting jobs for highly qualified audience, where the decision to apply is not taken at the first interaction.

👉 Conversational Bot

Conversational bot technology hosted through the SmartDreamers Landing Pages, helping to transform recruitment by accelerating the candidate conversion lifecycle/ process.
Choose between educating, nurturing or activating potential applicants, by engaging page visitors with targeted messages and actions.

SmartDreamers fits perfectly into your recruitment software ecosystem and is an end-to-end recruitment solution providing added value through automatically importing the relevant open positions, delivering candidates directly into your Applicant Tracking System and calculating the Cost Per Hire for each channel supported in the Ad Builder, depending on ATS technological limitations.
ATS integration would help in streamlining the recruitment process by:

  • automatically importing and synchronizing all or only the desired/selected active jobs from the ATS into the SmartDreamers platform;

  • whenever an open position expires or is closed within the ATS, the correspondent project in SmartDreamers and all related campaigns/ads will also be set to closed;

  • various scenarios to deliver candidates into the ATS, depending on the avenue chosen when applicants click on the active campaigns.

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