A project could be either imported via the API integration with the Applicant Tracking System in question, or could be created directly from scratch within the platform. 

Note: When the API integration is activated, using a manually created project in your campaigns will not subscribe to the integration scenario and your candidates will not be delivered in the ATS.

To create a project from the platform, you will have to go to the Projects Listing (Advertising/ Campaigns/ Projects tab) and click on Create project

There are two kinds of project you can create, depending on the type of campaign you would like to promote:

  • Awareness related projects; 
  • Open position related projects. 

The template for creating a new project allows for:

  • assigning a name;
  • adding the project description (ie. job description if open position related, describing your event etc.)
  • choosing the location/city for your project;
  • setting the goal for your project - choose whether it is job or event related (yes for job, no for event);
  • adding an external link (where applicants/candidates would be redirected through the action button in your campaign).

The description and location assigned will be automatically imported into the Job Description pages. For more information on how to build this type of landing page, check this article

Note: you cannot create a project without a description. 

Project Status and Editing

Once created, your project will have its status automatically set to Active. Check this article for more information on what each status means. 

From the Projects Listing, you have two available options:

  • Edit (this will open the initial template);
  • Close (this will close your project, along with any campaigns and ads attributed). 

Note: Once closing a project, it cannot be reopened. You cannot launch a campaign assigned to a closed project.

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