Through SmartDreamers you can build your own Landing Pages. These are mandatory for creating your own campaign

You can access the Pages Feature through the top bar in the SmartDreamers platform.

After clicking Create Page, you will be presented with the following two choices:

 👉🏻 Pages with Jobs 

This option includes a job widget that automatically imports the Projects you want listed in your newly created Landing Page.
The default setting includes all the available positions as listed under Projects. If you would want to include specific positions (sorted by category, location, etc.) please contact your Customer Success Manager.

The aim of this type of page is to create a replica of your Careers Page. For a comprehensive tutorial on how to create and edit this option, please go to the following article.

 👉🏻 General Page

This option allows you to create a page that promotes an event or a general topic. 

The structure is the same as the one previously presented, without the job widget.

For more information on how to create and edit this type of page, please go to the following article.

 👉🏻 Pages Listed 

Only the pages set to Published will be listed in the Pages Modules. 

The URL for all pages created will include smartdreamers and will not be searchable or indexed via Google or any other engine. 

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