The underlying structure of the SmartDreamers platform is centered around the Projects/ Campaigns/ Ads classification and how these would then relate or influence the Advertising and Reporting Modules.

This structure is a top-down approach, with Campaigns and Ads cascading from Projects.

Advertising/ Campaigns (seeing what’s going on now) vs Reports (evaluating performance of what was)

Data available in the Advertising/ Campaigns tab would provide an overview and showcase information related to campaign performance in real time (depending on the technical specifications/ limitations of each channel where the campaigns are being launched).

Information in the Reporting Module is more detailed and is generally dependent on the chosen advertising channels, centralizing all relevant data. We are constantly working on covering any gaps caused by technological limitations on the publishers’ side through our custom-built connectors and robotic process automation.


As defined in the platform, projects could either be a job description assigned to an open position in the ATS, an event or any general project that you would like to advertise.

All new open positions as well as any changes made to already existing ones in the ATS are synchronized and uploaded in SmartDreamers within a 5 minutes interval (depending on the ATS technical limitations). Any changes made to an open position from within SmartDreamers will be overwritten when the synchronization is made.

Event related projects can be created directly on the SmartDreamers platform and could have an external URL assigned. To do this, you will have to:

  • go to the Advertising/ Campaigns tab and click on Create Project.
  • irrespective of choosing Applies or Clicks under Goals, you will always have the possibility to add the Redirect or External Link where you could input your chosen landing page for the targeted audience. 

Check out this article for information on creating a new Project. 


Each campaign created within the platform has a Project assigned; this could be either open position or event based.

The campaign editor is built around the available list of publishers. The following channels include the live preview where you can see a visual of the ads you are creating: Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Quora.

Stack Overflow, Github, Behance, Dribble, AdAge, Line, WeChat and Amazon Ads are niched channels and the structure, and any relevant visual feedback would be agreed upon with our Marketing team.

Campaigns could be duplicated/edited as desired and have a In Review (Advertiser) status when launched. This generally lasts for up to 48 hours, until the ads within the campaign are approved by the relevant publishers.

If at least one of the Ads within the Campaign is disapproved by the publisher, the status will be Disapproved (Advertiser).

Check out this article for more information on how to create a new campaign.


The Ads are basically the channels/publishers listed within the campaign editor.

All ads are launched under the In Review (Advertiser) status for up to 48 hours until they are approved by the publishers.

For Amazon, Line and WeChat, special protocols will apply depending on the Publisher's rules. 

In case the ad is refused, its status will automatically be set to Disapproved (Advertiser). This would mean that the channel’s ad policies would have to be reviewed and the ad re-submitted accordingly. A notification with the reason for refusal and suggestions will always be displayed when hovering over the Alert Bell.

For more information on Projects/ Campaigns/ Ads Status and what each signifies, check out the following article

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