Applicant Tracking System Integration

General scenarios and benefits

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When talking about integrating with various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), these would be the general scenarios considered (depending on ATS specifications and requirements): 

🔹 Job Feed Integration

  • Automatically import all active or open jobs from within the ATS at a customizable frequency (depending on the number of queries and frequencies permitted by the ATS in question);

  • Automatically synchronize changes made within the ATS into SmartDreamers (one-way flow): changes regarding job title, description, location, language, department, and status. If a job is set to “Close” within the ATS, this will automatically close the Position or Project within our platform and any associated Campaigns/ Ads. Likewise, if a new Open or Active job is created, it will be imported within the desired interval.

🔹 Candidates/ CV Integration

  • Automatically import all applying candidates within a customized interval, depending on the ATS's technical requirements and limitations;

  • The scenario is applicable for applications made via Career Pages hosted by a third party provider (ex. SmartDreamers Landing Pages).

🔹 Reporting Integration

By having the reporting integration between the ATS and SmartDreamers, the full candidate data journey is tracked through the SD Reports in one interface, offering complete visibility on all key elements from the first touch-point to hire.

This scenario is highly dependent on each Applicant Tracking System's technical specifications and is fully customizable:

🔸 Hiring Sources Tracking

  • Create SmartDreamers custom sources to keep track of incoming applicants, at all times;

  • Connect data from SD Reports (sources, budget per sources) with candidate status information from the ATS for ROI tracking by sourcing channel.

🔸 Importing Data from the Greenhouse Candidate Reports

  • Automatically import all source relevant data from within the ATS into the SmartDreamers Reporting Module.

💡 Note: Manually created projects in the platform with Apply Goals and External Link/URL assigned will be automatically closed when the import/synchronization kicks in - ie. every 5 minutes. 

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