When talking about integrating with various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), these would be the general scenarios considered (depending on ATS specifications and requirements): 

  • Ideally, all scenarios would include automatically importing all active or open jobs from within the ATS at a certain frequency (usually set to 5 minutes - depending on number of queries and frequencies permitted by the ATS in question). Changes would also be synchronized from the ATS into the SmartDreamers platform (one way flow only); 
  • Synchronization interval for importing candidates who have applied through the campaigns/ads launched into the ATS, again depending on system requirements and application scenarios (applicants will be imported 12 hours from the moment they apply - could be customized depending on client needs and requirements).
  • Redirection possibilities for candidates when applying to a campaign/ad for an open position on the various channels we support: (SmartDreamers Landing Page, External URL or Job Description Landing Pages hosted on/by the ATS);
  • Candidates could be either imported directly into the ATS or go through our platform (ie. if the flow includes our own Landing Pages).

Benefits to consider when advocating for an ATS integration

Helps in streamlining the recruitment process by:

  • automatically importing all or only the desired/selected active jobs from the ATS into the SmartDreamers platform;
  • any changes made within the ATS will be automatically transferred/overwritten within SmartDreamers;
  • whenever an open position expires or is closed within the ATS, the correspondent project in SmartDreamers and all related campaigns/ads will also be set to closed;
  • various scenarios to deliver candidates into the ATS depending on the avenue chosen when applicants click on the active campaigns.

Note: Manually created projects in the platform with Apply Goals and External Link/URL assigned will be automatically closed when the import/synchronization kicks is - ie. every 5 minutes. 

Redirection possibilities for candidates 

Various redirection sources could be established either through Project definition or directly through the SmartDreamers Campaign Editor.
The available options are as follows:

  • SmartDreamers Landing Page containing the Job Description details and the SD Customizable Application form;
  • External URL (ie. client's career page or other client owned landing pages);
  • Landing Pages with the Job Description hosted on or by the ATS (ie. SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, Taleo etc.).
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