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What is the SmartDreamers Automation Module?
What is the SmartDreamers Automation Module?

Automate any platform or channel, in any geography

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In a nutshell, the SmartDreamers Automation module is here to help you automate any platform or social media channel you want, in any geography, so that you and your team have more time for the creative stuff. 

SmartDreamers Robotic Automation

Robotic Process Automation is creating a tectonic shift in how businesses manage repetitive tasks. When it comes to talent acquisition, there are plenty of rote and repetitive actions that inflate recruiters’ workloads—and current solutions have only been able to automate a small fraction of them. Businesses need a center point solution that automates the entire online talent acquisition process

We’ve built SmartDreamers Automation to do just that, creating unprecedented optimization in talent acquisition workflows.

You can easily automate any channel and integrate it into your existing recruitment software ecosystem. 

Our solution covers 3 main processes:

  • Automation for job distribution;

  • Automation for data collection;

  • Automation for profile importing.

Use Case Example

Let’s say you have one channel that is generating 10,000 applies per month but is not integrated with your applicant tracking system, resulting in an unnecessary workload for your team.
With SmartDreamers Automation, you can easily map out the ideal data-flow step-by-step and then automate the entire process with the SmartDreamers Robots.
Now, your team can leave the busywork to the robots, and spend their time and energy on creative, human-centric tasks. It takes a couple of minutes’ setup to save thousands of hours of drudgery. 

With SmartDreamers Automation implemented throughout your entire organization, you can gain a much clearer understanding of what’s working where, with full control of all your talent acquisition processes.

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